Caspar Weinberger The Author


During his illustrious career in politics and his many memorable accomplishments, Caspar Weinberger found the time to write and publish 5 remarkable books.

In 1990 he authors his first book “Fighting for Peace” detailing his seven years in the Pentagon.  An amazing career with a major impact on stabilizing and modernizing our military forces, balancing budgets and the unfortunate situation with Iran/Contra affair.

In 1996 he co-authors his second book “The Next War” with Peter Schweizer.  Lady Margaret Thatcher wrote the forward for this book.  What will happen in he years ahead?  This book offers insight into future threats and how to avoid them.  There are five stories of fiction that outline events that could possible happen with the understanding and insight that only a former secretary of defense could provide.

In 2001 his third book is published “In The Arena…A Memoir of the 20th Century” co-authored with Gretchen Roberts.  This book reminds us of where America has been and what she has achieved.  In this book you will find detailed portraits of such well know people, such as Ronald Reagan, “Whose very presence could make a cloudy day seem sunny, who understood the essence of leadership, and who achieved more foreign policy triumphs than any other post war president” Caspar Weinberger.  Richard Nixon “a man of great gifts, but deeply flawed, whose administration’s compulsive secrecy and paranoia proved self-defeating in the Watergate scandal” Caspar Weinberger.  General Douglas MacArthur “impressive even in his bathrobe”, Caspar Weinberger

In 2005 his fourth book “Chain of Command” hits the bookstores as a fictional piece where both the vice president and president is assassinated.

In 2006 shortly after his death his final book is published “Home of the Brave: a Tribute to Unsung Heroes in the War on Terror” which was co-written by Wynton C. Hall.  This is an amazing real life story of the unsung heroes who served in our military, protecting this country from terrorism.  A must read for all Americans.  As quoted by Sean Hannity “Finally! The stories about our military heroes we’ve all been waiting to read.  One of the most important books yet written, about the War on Terror.  Heart-pounding action, filled with humanity and hope.”